Settling In & Throwing Out

Leading off with 3 things:

  • Current song in my head: “Moving Out” – Billy Joel (I half-listened to the “Last Play at Shea” documentary on Hulu this afternoon. I actually didn’t realize it was a documentary and thought it was a Billy Joel concert. It was heavy on the Billy, thankfully)
  • Recent CBus adventure: Vivi Nails on Gender Road in my very own Canal Winchester. I did a lot of web recon before I got a pedicure. Pretty typical experience here, I was pleased 🙂
  • West Virginia fun fact: I learned this one doing research for work today. Half of everyone on the planet receiving treatment for HIV/AIDS is taking a Mylan Pharmaceuticals drug. Mylan was started 55 years ago in White Sulphur Springs, WV and has grown to a generic drug powerhouse anchored in Morgantown where it employs 3,400 people.

I made it to Blog #3! Coincidentally, I’ve made it to three Friday morning yoga classes in a row, too. I’m really hoping another week or two will solidify these two new habits for me.

Steve and I are feeling settled in the area, which I think means we can cool it on all the eating out and heavy beer sampling in the name of “new town exploring.” My waistline can’t take any more! I made progress with decorating the new apartment and sort of stalled out, but we’re definitely ready for visitors, y’all.
I took advantage of the holiday weekend and visited my family in the Northern Panhandle – pretty nice to be just 2 hours away now instead of 3 or more.
I’ve been saying there is literally nothing in this world that will make you throw away a huge percentage of your belongings quite like moving. I thought when Steve and I moved together into a bigger Charleston apartment that we had pared life down to the bare necessities. We both got rid of SO MUCH STUFF! But somehow … there was more to shed in our move to Ohio. (Then, in a cruel irony, you get to your new place and want or need to buy lots of new stuff, which actually isn’t as fun as it seems.) I’ve had a few friends who have gone total minimalist (all boys, go figure) in their moves, and I don’t think I could do it. I need more than a suitcase. I just do!
I know the tips – don’t bring something new in the home without throwing something out. Toss anything that doesn’t bring you joy. Haven’t used it in a year? Let it go! … It just doesn’t always work like that, people! (Right? … right?) My friend Ed told me this week he has a “strict no accumulation rule.” I want to say I could try that, but I don’t know if I have it in me. This can’t be a boy-girl thing. I know plenty of boy packrats. Is there a happy medium? Minimalist in moderation?
In my Labor Day afternoon at my parents (who assured me they aren’t moving) there was a pretty active campaign underway to throw out things nobody needs anymore. Luckily, my brother had warned me the day before. He parted with action figures and old toys. The way he saw it (and I agree) if anything was super important, we’d have grabbed it for our own homes by now. So my dad asked me if I wanted or needed any of the trophies in a big box in his storeroom. I immediately answered no, but then of course thought … I’d better look. I ended up parting with every single one of them – most I had forgotten about. I was born in 1984, but apparently the “participation trophy” trend was already happening. But I was reminded of my 1997 win at the school spelling bee.


I then agreed to clear off the bookshelf in my bedroom there. I only got through a huge shoebox I didn’t even realize my mom had been compiling over the years. That sucker was a time capsule of my nerdery. Report cards, newspaper clippings, cards from teachers, letters from school. I threw away all but 2 things – my high school graduation announcement and a copy of the Moundsville Daily Echo from 2003 with my story about George Bush’s visit to Marshall University on the front page. My learner’s permit was in there and some other horrifying old pictures. I know clearing out your things at your parents is a normal rite of passage, I’m just glad I did some of it while the horror of moving was still fresh in my mind and my “just throw it out” muscle was still strong. So many things I had forgotten about – including a semester at MU when I got a 4.0. I didn’t think I got much above a 3.5 from high school onward. And several things just made me scratch my head. Like this puzzler. Still not sure what was going on there.


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I'm a former journalist and political commentator learning to love living in the Columbus, OH area after spending my entire life in West Virginia. I'm a wife, a cat mom, Rotarian, Type A Pittsburgh enthusiast.

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